Finally, health benefits customised for each employee!

Building a diverse team? roHealth gives you access to world-class health benefits from Africa’s leading HMOs—tailored to each employee’s well-being.
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Creating unique experiences for a diverse workforce

Leverage exposure to multiple health benefits platforms across all African countries all at once. Let’s help you build a happy workforce that’s fit as a fiddle.

Delight employees with personalised health benefits
Your talents have different health needs—and that’s okay. With roHealth, each employee, home and abroad, can access a personalised benefit plan from our growing list of recognised HMOs.
Save expenses with reduced costs on unused benefits
You shouldn’t have to pay for benefits that weren’t used, and this is what roHealth gives you. Now, you can cut costs on health insurance without compromising on quality.
Onboard fast with a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard
Why waste time figuring out the best HMO solution for your employees when you can get all relevant options within minutes? Getting started with us is clear and straightforward.
Access real-time support from our team of professionals
Get help whenever you need it. Our dashboard provides real-time insights to track and optimise. However, if you ever need to speak to us, our team is just one click away.

Powering a healthy workforce for businesses that care

Care about the wellbeing of your staff? roHealth does too. We are putting all relevant benefits from Africa’s leading HMOs in one place. With us, each employee get custom-made health perks that are most important to them, regardless of their location across Africa.
Health Insurance
Let’s keep you healthy all year long.
Laboratory Tests
Test packages with instant results.
Family Care
Got dependants? We have you covered.
Mental Health
Access therapy sessions close to you.

Recruit the best talents from anywhere — We will focus on their wellbeing

We have streamlined access to the best healthcare for your staff. Let’s get you started with easy, seamless steps.

Explore health benefits
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Customise your program

Set up your business profile with your coverage and budget, and we will show you ready-to-run HMO options.

Get employees on board

Once invited, each employee can select their preferred HMOs and benefits that matter most to them.

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Image depicting how spend activity is monitored

Track and monitor activity

From your single dashboad, monitor employee’s health benefits usage and optimize budget when needed.

Trusted by over 14,000 Africans

roHealth has helped us reduce costs in ways that we did not even think of. Now we pay exactly for what we use. We pay for services rendered and it has helped us manage our expenses.

Ayomide Oso
Co-founder and Product Lead at Dojah