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Dot Joins Forces With roHealth to Revolutionise Health Benefits for Africans

Eki Akhigbe
February 23, 2023
Dot Joins Forces With roHealth to Revolutionise Health Benefits for Africans

In a recent landmark partnership, we have joined forces with Dot to bring comprehensive health benefits to a wider audience. This partnership marks a new era in healthcare, where innovative technology and flexible health benefits come together to provide unparalleled care to businesses and their employees.

Dot HMO, a subsidiary of the DOT Group and a leading HMO platform, leverages cutting-edge AI to directly impact the lives of the average individual through simplified, top-tier digital HMO solutions. This expertise will be invaluable in helping us streamline our processes and improve the patient experience of our users.

According to VentureBeat, "Dot AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with its AI-powered chatbots and telemedicine services." With these chatbots, users can enjoy quick and efficient responses to common questions, freeing up our team to focus on more complex solutions.

Dot partners with roHealth to provide accessible health benefits
Dot HMO partners with roHealth

In addition to the AI-powered chatbots, Dot AI's platform will also allow us to provide telemedicine services to patients. This means that patients can receive medical consultations from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to visit the hospital.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

At roHealth, our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality medical care to employers and their employees, regardless of their location or personal preferences. As stated by the Lekan Olude, the CEO of roHealth, "Everyone deserves access to excellent health benefits, and we strive to make that a reality for our people every day." Our partnership with Dot only strengthens this mission and allows us to take our services to the next level.

Our partnership with Dot AI is a major step forward in our mission to provide accessible and high-quality health benefits to African businesses—and it serves as an opportunity to renew our commitment to human-centred healthcare for an average employee across Africa.

"We are excited to see where this partnership will take us and to continue improving the healthcare landscape for everyone." - Christian Eni-Ikeh (Partnerships Manager, roHealth)

We keep pulling resources together to provide flexible health benefits to empower businesses to build a healthy workforce with tailored health benefits for their employees. Reach out to us, let's kickstart your journey to adaptable and affordable health benefits.

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